As the gambling industry is developing rapidly, the number of online casinos is also growing. And while some platforms enter the iGaming business as the reputable ones, others can use fraud schemes or disappear since time, grabbing the funds of users. For this aim, our site is representing an online casino rating where the licensed platforms have an objective assessment.

In order to determine the casino’s position, we use the special algorithm: loads of details are taken into account. Gambling platforms with the highest objective marks on each criterion are at the top and can provide players with fair play. Well, what should you learn about casino rating and how to use this information properly?

Why Casino Rating Is Important

If the player has come to a certain website on the recommendation of other glad users or has managed to conduct the detailed examination, casino rating can only prove that the choice is right. But newcomers or those who have already faced dishonest projects are looking for the reliable platforms on the thematic sources. And that’s right, so the best way to get acquainted with gambling is to do it on the licensed platforms with favourable conditions.

Online casino rating is the list of reliable gambling platforms with the assessment of the project on several parameters. According to the results, appears the scale where the platforms with the best performance are in the first places.

Players don’t have to search for information themselves. Besides, visitors can learn about what makes up the casino rating in order to indicate strong and weak sides of the gaming portal.

How Casino Rating Is Formed

In order to use this rate, users have to understand how the system is working. And in order to select the right position of each project, the platform is explored carefully according to different criteria. The details are divided into 2 kinds – essential and non-fundamental ones. Then the average index is calculated. Right this way the platform’s position on the list is determined.

Rating Online casinos

Details to Influence the Rating Position

The algorithm of estimation covers plenty of details that can provide a comfortable and fair gaming on the sites of the rating’s top as a result. So, what parameters are taken into account to prove the platform’s trustworthiness?

  1. Licenses. These documents can prove that the company’s activity is controlled by the professional regulators’ commission. As for the famous authorities, they are UKGC (Britain), MGA (Malta). More accessible regulator with less amount of requirements is Curacao. While some resources can get several certificates at once.
  2. Slots. The range of slot machines on the website plays an important role in the platform’s evaluation. Providers try to supply the software with high RTP percentage, different levels of volatility. When the machines are original, the casino’s owners can’t change these features themselves.
  3. Reputation. It’s made up of the experience of the gambling platform and the real feedback of players. So users are reviewing new platforms more closely, read the comments of other players before getting registered.
  4. The platform’s parameters. This part includes the available payment methods (for depositing and withdrawal), languages, currency. The bigger range of these details is provided, the higher the total rate is.
  5. Support. High response speed and the real result of problems being solved are the indicators of operators’ good job. The sites with round the clock online chat and the helpline for getting in touch quickly are also outpacing the competitors.

The site’s interface and the bonus program also influence the casino’s position on the rating. Gaming platforms with high download speed and an opportunity to download the app for the smartphone will be also popular among gamblers. Promotional offers can also raise the project on the list, but only if the wager isn’t overstated.

Value of the Details Making up the Rating

There are loads of factors that influence the total mark. But not all of them are equal, so some details are much more valuable. For example, design and download speed are important for convenient playing, but you can’t compare it with the value of the license under which the casino is operating. If the platform hasn’t got a wide range of payment systems, it’s a fewer problem than when there are ignored by administration comments about the lost deposits. So the rating is, first of all, based on safety and honesty issues.

Why the Platforms with Low Rating Are Dangerous

Some websites are removed from the rating not accidentally. They can be sites with the weak filling of the content or the fraud projects that deceive players. The registration on these sites can lead to serious negative consequences. These platforms are mostly scripted casinos with the non-original software without licenses.

Scripted casinos are the ones that make copies of the official sites or original games interface, but change the parameters by amending the code. These portals don’t get licenses and can understate the RTP percentage.

Meeting the software with the understated parameters isn’t the worst problem gamblers can meet. What other consequences can users face while playing on illegal sites?

  • Deposits are not charged or users face difficulties while withdrawing.
  • Players share personal data and payment details with third parties without getting the guarantee of the Privacy Policy being considered.
  • The fraud website can be malware.

These resources leave the negative impression about gambling, are quickly banned and repel players from the iGaming industry. The list of reliable gaming platforms on our site can help to avoid such experience, launch only licensed slots online.

Different Marks on Other Sites

Some gamblers can find themselves on the fraud resources after clicking on the advertising banner or after reading the article about casino rating. Here comes another problem: some sites are promoting dishonest resources, getting profit for it. In order to avoid this situation, the portal with the list of gaming platforms should be reliable. Besides, information from new resources should be double-checked.

How to Explore the Casino Rating Yourself

If the platform with the casino rating is unfamiliar or you want to make sure that the information on it is true, players have to check the factors that influence the total mark themselves. How to do that?

  • Visit the official website and compare its information with the details of the article.
  • Check the company’s license via the regulator’s website.
  • Read the comments of other players on the thematic resources.

Checking the Comments of Players

Unfortunately, not all the reviews on the web are honest, and it’s fair to the gambling area as well. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to distinguish the fake comment from the real one, but some tips can still come in handy. If all the comments are sent at the same day, it’s the evidence of the fake reviews for money. The deception is also obvious when real conditions do not coincide with the facts in the comments – too big limits of withdrawal, messages about providers who don’t work with the casino.

Check reviews for self-selecting online casinos

Fake messages are not always positive. Sometimes, the competitors can leave negative reviews that are dirtying the gaming platform but aren’t proven with the facts. You should trust only the messages with screenshots, watch the behavior of administration. Unsolved issues are the first signal that the support can fail to handle the other problems of players.

Other Tips for Gamblers

The main tip for casino customers is to trust but verify. Even when the website with the rating seems to be reliable and has good feedback from players, don’t rush into making too big deposits. If the administrator requests the secret details of the credit card or other personal data, then the site is fraudulent. The small amount as a test can show how fast the funds are received on the account and how the platform reveals itself while playing on it, making the withdrawal request, in other cases.

To Sum up

Our resource can help to find reliable gaming platforms due to the provided casino rating. The table with marks is dynamic, can be updated when the casino conditions are changed. Due to such a convenient option of sorting the platforms, users save time, search for the trustworthy sites effortlessly, spin the reels on the reliable platforms.

Meet the best gaming platforms of the top on our site and start making spins at the best online casinos!