While working on this casino rating project, we are taking into account the task to create an honest ranking of online casinos where the members of our team can’t influence the results. The rating is calculated automatically and doesn’t depend on our attitude to any gambling website

Parameters That Make up Casino Rating

How Casino Rating Is Calculated
How to find out that certain online casino is better than another one? Which one to select for playing and who can you trust? These are the most sensible issues of players. And honest casino rating can help. But what parameters of online projects should be compared?

Well, We are going to tell in more detail how casino rating is calculated, which factors influence its position in the top or, on the contrary, its position being declined. In order to make this option convenient and reliable for players as well as to make it in accordance to the law, we have selected several most important factors. They are the fundamental ones in the ranking system, so the casino rating is calculated right this way.

As a result, we have an honest casino rating that is automatically changing the positions of the websites as soon as new developments take place: fresh feedbacks, new software, payment systems, and other actual data. Let’s take a look at each one more closely.

Gaming Software

The range of gambling platforms is as important as the diversity of the software on them, so this factor influences the ranking process a lot. Each provider has its own value. For example, the products of NetEnt can bring more points than Booongo, bringing the casino with this software ahead if all the other characteristics are equal. We should also note that some factors can, on the contrary, decline the casino’s position. For example, non-certified (scripted) software.

Complaints and Reviews of Gamblers

The reaction of players to using the gaming portal is an essential factor. So online casino rating is developed right for real users. The positive response and a minimum of complaints can actively promote the brand. Even in spite of weak positions in other areas, an online casino can be in the first place when it has the biggest number of positive marks. And on the contrary: brands with negative feedback can lose their positions even when all the other parameters are perfect.

Depositing and Withdrawal

It’s impossible to calculate the rating of online casinos without taking into account the ways of depositing and withdrawal. This factor also plays a key role. Players are interested not only in the gaming process but in the opportunity to get the winning as well. It’s important to cash out a certain sum and do it quickly. A casino with a big number of available payment methods gets more points of the rating, so it’s convenient for users. The brand will be noticeably carried forward if it is using Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, and other popular services.

Languages and Currency

The more languages of the interface and different currencies the casino has, the better it is. Gamblers of different countries can find their currencies, have an opportunity to communicate and get help in their native language. So the more opportunities for foreign players the website has, the higher the position of the rating is.

Licensing of the Online Casinos

Almost all the licenses of the casino rating members are equal. But we also take into account the number of the certificates: 2 licenses give less than 3 of them. And since March 20, 2019, the licenses of Britain and Malta are in bigger value. So the project with the MGA license will get more points than the establishment with Curacao certificate.

To the Players of Online Casinos

Dear players! You can safely write the reviews about the casino you have been playing at. Honest feedback from players can reflect the real situation of each platform’s work. So it can help other gamblers to choose the worthy thing and learn about the negative moments as well. Your comments really matter.

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