American Express: Review of the Popular Online Banking System

Payment system American Express

Meet one of the most popular payment systems that work with all currencies. American Express works on the basis of a plastic card like Visa and Mastercard. This online banking can be used by legal entities and individuals. The advantage of this option is that you can both write checks and pay online. But in order to get this card, you need to open an account at a land-based bank.
American Express offers its customers to choose several card options, each one with its own privileges. But this payment system is often used for purchases or for entertainment at various online projects. In our ranking of online casinos, many sites accept American Express.

Payments on the Online Entertainment Resources

Yes, it is practical to use American Express for deposits/withdrawals at online casinos, but keep in mind that some iGaming sites may not work with this system. What else should be considered:

  • some countries charge taxes for withdrawing winnings;
  • you can deposit/withdraw funds by using the card that belongs to you and you can confirm this;
  • the withdrawal of jackpots is recorded by the bank as additional income;
  • since 2020, it is prohibited to place bets with credit funds on the territory of the United Kingdom.

In general, American Express is a convenient and secure payment system if you are not worried about your anonymity when gambling.

Important to know: before getting registered at an online casino, devote a few minutes to specify which payment systems the site accepts.

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